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Mary Jane Copps is the CEO of The Phone Lady, a North American company thatfocuses on excellent telephone communication skills. Throughworkshops, coaching, keynotes and customized training, ThePhone Lady has significantly improved the revenue performance of large corporations, small businesses, international charities, local not-for-profits, universities and colleges.

After gaining ecognition throughout North America as a real estate journalist, Mary Jane began her telephone sales career at the age of 28 when she founded Media Link Inc., a research firm that connected journalists with experts and thought leaders for in-depth interviews and breaking news commentary.

She quickly discovered that in order to grow her business she needed to improve her phone communication skills. And so began her study of the psychology of phone communication. By recording and analyzing hours and days and years of conversations of herself and her sales team, she developed fool-proof methods to capture anyone’s attention on the phone, inspire conversation, book appointments and close sales. After selling her shares in Media Link Inc. in 2001, Mary Jane spent several years testing her telephone sales theories on a wide variety of products and services.

new-picIn each case – software or print advertising, insurance or international travel – her methods worked to increase appointments and, more importantly, grow revenue. Since launching The Phone Lady in 2006, Mary Jane has worked with over 300 clients providing them with the necessary skills to increase revenue through her proven telephone sales techniques. Throughout each year she participates in a limited number of sales projects, allowing her to continually test her theories and adapt them to the ever-changing business communication landscape.

Today, excellent telephone communication skills remain essential for any company or organization that wants to continually grow its revenue base. Fortunately, anyone can learn these skills and, with practice, significantly increase their sales results day after day and year after year. Mary Jane’s expertise has been recognized throughout North America and Europe by a wide-range of business media – radio, television and print – including the Wall Street Journal.

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